Gypsy Spirit Chokers are the perfect summer necklace

Our Gypsy Spirit Choker is handcrafted with a genuine black leather cord, a silver plated hammered ring and a genuine gemstone beads.



It wraps once around the neck and then through the silver hoop. It can be wrapped twice around the loop to position it exactly where you would like it on your neck which adjusts the length as well.



It can also be used to hold eyeglasses and/or sunglasses. Just loop one arm of your glasses through the loop and you will always have them handy when you need them.


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Message Bracelets are the must have fashion accessory

We love the creative designs of the newest fashion trend….message bracelets.

These bracelets have different messages that empower a women’s spirit and support her love for life and that’s why we call our message bracelets, LOVE YOUR LIFE.


All of our LOVE YOUR LIFE message bracelets are stainless steel so they will not tarnish and will be suitable for most skin types.

The open cuff design also allows them to be adjusted to fit most wrist sizes.

To see all of our many designs check them out at



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Summer time trends you will love!

Summer is almost here. Pretty soon we will basking in the warm rays of the sun on the beach or the boat, or  having lunch at a quaint outdoor patio with the girls.  And who is not looking forward to those beautiful summer nights sitting around the campfire sharing stories of the long winter we endured once again.

And, of course, we will want to have all of the summer fashion essentials to take along.

Summer would not be complete without shades of blue. Whether it is a great top, bathing suit or faded jeans and, the perfect piece of jewellery to accent your outfit.

These bracelets from Lisa Designer Jewels Summer Sparkle Collection are the perfect addition to make any outfit scream summer. Just check out the amazing colors and styles.


Now if you prefer to stick with one bracelet that can be interchanged to match your mood or outfit, we have the solution for you as well. Our stunning Sparkle Snap bracelets are the perfect fit.

The Sparkle Snap bracelet can be interchanged with our Sparkle Snaps so it is like having a different bracelet each time.

The biggest trend for the summer right now are the choker style necklace and we have them! Check them out here.

There is nothing more stunning than that perfect necklace to make any summer outfit pop. Choose one from our Sparkle Sterling Silver Collection for an evening dinner under the stars.


Or if you would prefer a necklace that’s more fun and flirty, check out our Love Your Life Charm Necklace Collection. These charm necklaces remind us to Love the Life we Live and Live the Life we Love!

Longing to take that bike out on the open highway. You will always look fashionable with our Sparkle Biker Chic Bracelet in real black leather.


And did you know we now carry stainless steel body jewellery as well. Check out our belly jewellery in our Summer Sparkle Collection.

Gold rings worn half knuckle are also a very trendy item for summer and look fantastic on a sun kissed hand.


And, of course, summer would not be complete without your favorite beverage. Take it along in style with our popular Sparkle VINO2GO™ Wine Sippy Cups.



Enjoy wine on-the-go while camping or while relaxing at the pool in style. It’s lid design prevents spills on choppy lakes or while carting down the golf course. Vino on your wedding day with with less chance of ruining your white wedding dress or black tux!  Keep bugs and dirt from getting into your wine while relaxing at the beach or working in the garden. 

Each Sparkle VINO2GO™ Wine Sippy Cup has a silver plated charm holder that can hold 1-3  LDJ Sparkle Charms. so you can personalize it any way you like.

And don’t forget that handbag this summer. Dress it up with a fun fur pom pom in one of the many colors we have and add our stunning LD Key Finder. Always keep your keys handy and where you need them. After all, fashionable ladies never waste time digging for their keys!

You can’t go wrong with these must have summer fashion trends to be stylish and trendy this summer.

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Lava Stone Bracelets for Wellness

Lava is a very unique and amazing stone.  Because it is naturally porous it is the ideal stone for diffusing essential oils and can hold a scent for many days.  Lava begins as mineral-rich, molten magma deep within the earth’s surface and, because of this, embodies the extremely rare elemental combination of passionate “fire” and grounding “earth”.  Many cultures have used lava stone for centuries due to its potent balancing, protective and healing properties.


Bracelets created using the lava stone, are an excellent way to keep these balancing, protective and healing properties close and because of their porous nature, they provide a perfect palette for adding essential oils to further enhance their healing properties.

Here’s a guideline to adding essential oils to your lava stone bracelet.
1. Apply 1-2 drops of your favorite essential oil onto the lava beads on your bracelet to infuse them with your scent.

2. The porous nature of lava beads allow them to easily soak in the oil. Then your body heat aids in gently diffusing the scent to create your personal wearable aromatherapy diffuser.

3. Breathe in the aromatherapy scents for up to 3-5 days depending on the concentration of oil that you used. You can re-apply the oils onto the lava beads as needed.

For an introductory list of some popular essential oils here is a helpful link from the Huffington Post Essential Oils



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BOHO Chic-How to get the look

Bring out the Bohemian Chic in you with so many choices of bracelets, jewellery and fashion this spring. A BOHO Chic is carefree, adventurous and daring with a real sense of her own style.

So let’s start step by step with which fashion accessories you want to select to get that BOHO Chic look!

First, the clothes. You want something light, airy and free. Something that says I am comfortable with who I am and where I am in this moment. Remember BOHO chic is all about being true to yourself.


Desert BOHO (photo from LizBiju)

Anyone who knows me knows I love boots and wedges! Well BOHO Chic rocks both. Not only do wedges provide height, which elongates your legs, they are a lot more stable than spike-style heels. And boots are just so comfortable and add such a sense of style. Here are some of my favorite BOHO boots and wedges.


Now let’s move on to the jewellery. BOHO Chic means a mix of metals, gemstones, wood and fabrics layered in a fun and trendy way. And the more the better! Get the look here

And, of course, fringes are the biggest accent to any BOHO Chic look. Whether they are on boots, purses or clothes, they are the must have item for the BOHO Chic.

Let’s not forgot body art in the form of temporary glitter tattoos. These tattoos accent the BOHO jewellery perfectly or can be worn without jewellery to add some gold touches to your sunkissed tan.

So why not have some fun putting together your perfect BOHO Chic look!

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LOKA Charms-The perfect gift this holiday season

With so many different charm bracelets and charms available this holiday season sometimes it is difficult to decide which style and brand to choose to add to your bracelet or as a gift for someone special in your life.


LOKA charms by Lisa Designer Jewels are a collection of Murano glass, Austrian crystal and genuine sterling silver charms that are of the highest quality but without the high price tag that you have come to expect with some of the other brands of charms like Pandora and Persona. LOKA charms will fit on most bracelets like Pandora, etc or you can also choose a LOKA bracelet and start building your own bracelet with our beautiful LOKA charms.

In fact, some of our LOKA charms are unique to only Lisa Designer Jewels and that’s what makes them so special especially when it comes to choosing one for a special gift this holiday season.

Our Designer Murano Glass LOKA charms are an example of such charms as they are so unique and exquisite and all have a genuine sterling silver single core.


Indonesia Dream


Aztec Sun in Winter


Blue Butterfly

LOKA Charms are also the perfect gift to celebrate a special milestone or event.


LOKA 50th Birthday Sparkle Charm


LOKA 21st Birthday Charm


A Mother’s Love (Mother holding child)


Happy Anniversary LOKA Charm

Wedding Day

Wedding Day LOKA Charm

Our genuine Austrian crystal LOKA Charms are also the perfect way to add a little sparkle to your charm bracelet.


Breakfast at Tiffany’s


Festive Holiday Sparkle


Puttin on the Glitz

These LOKA Charms are so unique and exclusive you will want to choose one to make your bracelet stand out in a crowd.


Black Pearl Shell


More Paua To You


Black Snowflake Obsidian

LOKA is the sanskrit word for world and what better way to celebrate your world.

You can find LOKA charms at

LOKA Charms….Your life….Your love….Your world.

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Take your wine anywhere this summer with a little sparkle!

Add a little “SPARKLE” to your summer with the Sparkle VINO2GO Sippy Cup!

Enjoy your wine on-the-go while camping or while relaxing at the pool in style. The unique lid design prevents spills on choppy lakes or while carting down the golf course. Enjoy wine on your wedding day with with less chance of ruining your white wedding dress or black tux! And best of all keep bugs and dirt from getting into your wine while relaxing at the beach or working in the garden. It even keeps your wine cooler for longer by insulating the exterior wall from the interior drink compartment.

Sparkle VINO2GO Sippy Cup


Each Sparkle VINO2GO Sippy Cup comes with a handcrafted unique rhinestone charm holder that can hold as many LDJ charms as you would like.

These also make excellent wedding party gifts as well and can be blinged up with Bride, Bridesmaid, etc charms as a special order.

To order the Sparkle VINO2GO Sippy Cup and the LDJ Charms please visit


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